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World Book Day

A reminder of our World Book Day Activities that are going on all week. 

Monday 26th February: Catch you reading.

Read in as many different ways as you can throughout the week. Try to read in as many ways as you can. Hand in your completed sheet on Friday 2nd March. Reading to a pet is a brilliant idea!

Tuesday 27th February: Character creations

Can you make a junk model of your favourite character from a book? It could be the Gruffalo, Harry Potter or the big bad wolf! Take a picture of your model and sent it to the school twitter account or school email.  There will be prizes for the best model. (@LonghuaghPS) ( )

Wednesday 28th February: Take a “Shelfie”

Take a “shelfie”  - a picture of yourself with your bookshelf. Be as creative as you can. Send your picture to the school email address: or send it to us on Twitter (@LonghuaghPS) .

Thursday 1st March: World Book Day

Drop everything and read. At different points during the school day the bell will ring and the children will need to stop what they are doing and read for 10 minutes (P1 and P2 will be read to during these times)

Friday 2nd March: Mrs Jenkins and Mr Smith reading in class.

During the course of the day Mrs Jenkins or Mr Smith will pop into every class and read one of their favourite stories.