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Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions

School opening and closing times

Core Hours: 9.00am - 3.15pm

Break: 10.30am - 10.45am

Lunch: 12.15pm - 1.15pm


School Dinners Information

School lunches cost £2.00 per day. A menu can be found on the Tayside Contracts website or by clicking on the link below.

Children may also bring a Packed Lunch to school.

Longhaugh Uniform 

The wearing of school uniform is encouraged in the belief that it helps children to feel that they belong and are part of the school community.

Polo shirts, sweatshirts and cardigans with the school badge can be ordered at the school office at any time throughout the year.

School ties and badges for blazers along with other items of clothing can be bought at the Schoolwear Shop in Commercial Street, Dundee.

New Building Questions

Below are some questions and answers put together by the pupil voice group. Please contact us is you have any questions at all about the new building.

Will we still be called Longhaugh Primary School?

Yes. We will be sharing this fantastic new facility with St. Francis RC Primary School but we will still retain our own identity as Longhaugh Primary School. Our badge and uniform will stay the same.

Will we share a playground with the children from St. Francis?

 Yes,  we will share a playground. There may be different areas of the playground for different year groups and there may be different playtimes. The head teachers from the two schools will meet to discuss the exact arrangements for playtimes and lunchtimes.

How big is the gym hall? Will we have to share the gym hall?

The gym hall is very big and can accommodate more than one class at a time. The head teachers will meet to discuss timetables for access to facilities like the gym hall and assembly hall.

How many children will there be altogether?

There will be lots of children. The current role of Longhaugh is 285 and the current role of St. Francis is 407. Longhaugh nursery will also be moving to North East Campus.

Will classes be split up?

The classes will be structured based on the staffing structure provided by Dundee City Council. There will be no alteration to the class structure that is a result of the move to the new building.

Will there be equipment in the playground? Will there be a football pitch?

We will take our playground equipment with us to the new building. We may need to purchase some new play ground equipment to go with our brand new playground. Our Parent Council are always open to new fundraising ideas. There will be a grass playing field and the current plan is to include a 3G pitch as well.

 Will there be space for parking? Are we allowed to bring bikes/scooters to school

With such a large number of families accessing the school at peak times, parking may be difficult. This is being looked at  by the New Build Project Board, which Mrs Jenkins sits on, as do parent representatives. The two head teachers will discuss arrangements for bikes and scooters and will put out information nearer to August.